by dap on May 27, 2013

Dear Jordan,

I have a blue naped amazon, Rio is about 60 yrs old.  Lately he has been falling off
his perch in the day time.  He tries to stretch out one leg and falls.  All of his perches
and toys have not been moved.  Hygiene is excellent.  He is not having seizures.
His falling started about a month ago, but only at night time.  As of the last 2 days
he as been falling many times.  I have his cage covered 1/4,  floor portable heater
close by for warmth.  Today he did climb back up and ate some fruit, drank water also.
I lowered his tallest perch (favorite) so his falling wouldn’t be so far.  He has been in
his 6 ft cage all of his life.  Should I move him into a smaller cage?  Only we have
done different lately is change his food from all seed to “Doctors Foster & Smith Premium blend parrot food”  

Of course we have been doing this gradually mixing it with his Pet Club
Parrot seed.  I have read many of the blogs people write in asking same question, yet
no one writes back saying why their parrot had been falling.  Of course I will take
him to the vet Tuesday, please dont think bad of me since today is a holiday.
Rio’s wings are not clipped and his nails and beak are always trimmed by his vet.
I have read Amazon parrots live to be 75 yrs old and since Rio is an old man could it
be his losing balance due to age?  

Thank you for your patience and guidance.


Dear Amazon Mom,

First of all, your impulse is right,  take Rio to the vet because i am not a vet and neither is Sansan.  Yes, an amazon parrot can live anywhere from 40 to 80 years.  It is a good move  that you changed Rio to a more balanced and healthy diet.  An all-seed diet can literally kill your parrot since it is high in fat content.  You say, you changed his diet, are you sure he is eating the amount he should or has he gotten a bit depressed and therefore anorexic?  Changes can affect your bird’s diet and temperament. I do not advise changing his cage, since you have lowered his perches and he seems safe.

One possibility for parrots falling off their perch, can be due to the paint used in their cage.  Did you repaint Rios cage, or is he starting to chew the bars?  Heavy metal poisoning might be considered, zinc or lead, where as lead poisoning being the most common in birds. Paints that cover or inhibit rust will contain zinc and is not safe for cages.
Good luck when you take him to the vet to find out more what can be the cause of falling off his perch.  Hopefully your vet is an avian vet and ask them which specific variety of amazon  you have.  There is a blue front and a yellow nape, but i do not believe there is a blue naped amazon, maybe he is a blue colored yellow-naped Amazon.  Hope things go well for you and the old guy.  I love hear about people being kind and taking care of the senior parrots, we’re all going to get there someday.


Egg number three, I am done for the year

by Jordan on November 6, 2012

At 25 years old, I do the yearly thing of going quiet for a bit of time and my body makes eggs. It  is a mother nature calling and I do not have control over this.  There is no cage mate I mate with but eggs seem to come and I sit on them, diligently.

This is the  pics of me on egg number three.  I have taken the glass food bowl as nest and for the time being, the food bowl is a different bowl.

Oddly each egg has been nipped and opened, and  I still thought to sit on it, even though it was taken outside the bowl.

I was seen eating the contents and the egg was tossed and I  still am seen sitting in the bowl…but there is no new egg number four!  right now I do sit on an invisible egg, but the human here is going to give me a big marble to sit on.

Yes,  it is a good idea to letting me sit on a big marble  or golf ball for a week or two, so  my body does not go into making another egg mode.  This making an egg really makes my body work hard.  that is why I got quiet for a few weeks and my  human better make sure I have enough calcium to do this kind of thing!!!!!!!!!!   Egg laying is not easy work.



egg number one





egg number three


beakie kisses!!!

what to do if  a single parrot lays an egg?


What a surprise,  when Sarah Purdie of Plymouth, Devon in southwest England heard a tapping on her door.  She answered and found no one there, but  discovered a  parrot standing at her door step.  She contacted Woodside Animal Welfare, who had recent reports a Margita Viagiova who lived in Elfordleigh was missing her parrot.





Happily reunited!


This was a beautiful green male Eclectus  male, named Bobby.

In this household, there is more than one beautiful green Eclectus parrot, but a few other parrots too, so of course,  I could not resist to share this story.



Sweet Pea the green, with,  his cage mate, a  slightly de feathered female friend!



I come a returning home too!



Does the kaley corgi want to come out for a stroll?


Beakie kisses from Jordan the grey! 


full story here

all about eclectus parrots


It’s all a puzzle!!!

by San on March 2, 2012

Look!!! A puzzle and I am in it, or cool way to say it is……I am a small part of it.  There are 99 pieces to this puzzle and I am the big red bird…Rani macaw!  The dog is Kaley corgi!! We live together and she is cool to follow around.  I am sorta the house bird, and I  follow the humans and dog around the house………..when I am allowed free run [walk].











beakie kisses from Rani macaw…the big red bird!!!

make your own puzzle


The Big red dog!…..bird dog!!!

by Jordan on January 24, 2012

Jordan speaking here………the great African Grey!!!   I figure if Kaley corgi the family dog can have her blog  [ ] I can speak and have my own blog!!

Today’s share is the BIG bird….NO..not the Sesame Street big yellow bird, but the   BIG RED bird living here.  She is the barking bird, so  thought I would call her the  BIG RED DOG!!!…..  sorta like the  kid’s character…Clifford!!!

She now sometimes gets free run…..I mean free walk around the house.  She does not obediently stay on a perch, like I do.  She loves following mum or papa…and is okay with  the kid..kidjake [4 years old].


This is a dog crate…the kaley corgi crate she uses when she wants cave time in the house office, but  I am wondering if Rani macaw goes in cuz she remembers it was her crate for three days when she travelled from California to Austin just a few months ago.  Can birds smell a scent, just as dogs do???




Beakie kisses!!!